Let’s discuss time.

As children, we cannot wait to be grown-ups. As elderly adults, it just seems like the clock ticks faster and we wish it could slow down a bit.

They say time is money. But, you can be rich, or poor, and still have the same amount of time remaining. We have a finite amount of time in this life. You can become very wealthy, but you cannot buy back the time that you’ve wasted.

We trade hours of our time at work for money. Each of us spends a small fortune on services and products, all with the goal of saving time. Pizza delivery. FedEx. Uber. Amazon Prime. With such a value placed on time, why do we often waste time? Many people go home after work, binge watch TV shows, surf the internet, and just try to make it through the end of the day. All just get back up in the morning, and repeat the same daily routine.

Assuming we all are fortunate enough live to our later years, do you often wonder if you will look back and regret wasting all that time? At that point, what would you give to have it back?

I encourage everyone to be productive with their time, in the present day. Visit or call family or friends. Learn a new skill or hobby. Further your education. Get involved with some causes or charities you support. Don’t procrastinate, or you may regret running out of time.