My hands are tired. My back is sore. But my heart is what hurts the most. I’ve been in Houston my entire life. We are not strangers to hurricanes and flash floods. This is the worst level of destruction that I’ve witnessed here. As I drive through the various communities, seeing entire lives dumped out on the curbside, it seriously hurts. Most of these areas have never flooded before, and most of these people did not have flood insurance because of this. Thousands of families lost everything they own.

My family was fortunate to avoid disaster. My wife and I are giving back to help others. The grattitude is what drives us. The look of relief and appreciation on these homeowner’s faces when we help them is something that cannot be described. Our assembled groups of strangers, working shoulder to shoulder as a team, will forge lifelong friendships in the end. These are the best type of people to know, and have in your life. We will rebuild this city, together.

Until every home is fixed, there will be work to do. Just because the news will stop covering it, do not assume people do not still need help. Many homes here in town are still under water, inaccessible today. Clean-up will happen on those as the weeks come.

If you can donate, I support NFL player JJ Watt’s efforts. He is a true city leader, who stepped up to help this city. His donation pool has no overhead costs, and he will make sure every dollar goes to storm victims in need. You can find his donation site at

If you are in the Houston area, and have some sweat equity and want to donate your time and strength, there will be months of work to do. I volunteered through Keller Williams realty, they set up a command base to accept and distribute donations, as well as gather people to go out and clean out homes. They will provide all the tools and other items you need, they just need you to show up. Info and address here:

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