Doing burnouts, hammering the throttle, and banging gears.  It doesn’t get more American than this.  We assembled a group of American badasses, and rented out Lonestar Motorsports Park, in Sealy, TX for the day.  We were also blessed by cold low-50F, dense air, and dry conditions.  The resulting density altitude was -1050 ft, when the best passes were made.  We also had a nice tail wind, which felt miserable to stand in.  It had been raining at the track for the last week, which managed to wash away most of the sticky prep and rubber from the track surface.  The crew did their best to prep the track, but the cold surface temperatures made the effort difficult.  This made traction a real challenge, on regular street tires.  The resulting ET’s suffered, but most cars were able to put down consistent trap speeds all afternoon.


This gathering was informal, with most of the racers volunteering from internet forums, to bring out their hardware and beat on it for the day.  We requested some examples of stock vehicles, on normal street tires, to come do these tests.  Each vehicle ran in the same right side lane, as it seemed to stick a little better.  We asked each driver to give us their best driving effort, and focus on getting the cars to perform their best.  For that reason, we did not do any side-by-side action, which could distract them from their driving effort.  We let the drivers take their time to stage, and take off when they were ready.  We were purely interested in observing the best results of each vehicle, not concerned with who might cross the finish line first – as that is usually determined by reaction time, and driver skill.  We wanted the numbers only.  Despite the traction challenges, both the GM and SRT camps set new national records yesterday.  Bravo, guys!


Here is our line up of stock vehicles, on street (non-drag) tires.

  • 2015 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 (white) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 – “cdubb”
  • 2015 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 (red) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 – “zhopper05”
  • 2015 Corvette Z06 Stage 1 (silver) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Super Sport – “robe38”
  • 2010 Corvette ZR1 (black) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup – “Mark B”
  • 2014 Viper TA (orange) – Manual – Pirelli Pzero Corsa – “Sassy”
  • 2014 Viper TA (white) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup – “Nine Ball”
  • 2014 Viper SRT base model (black) – Manual – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup – “Shooter”
  • 2015 Challenger Hellcat (black) – Automatic – Pirelli PZero – “Jerrod T”


Bonus vehicles, equipped with drag radial tires (vehicles still 100% stock otherwise)

  • 2015 Corvette Z06 Stage 1 (silver) – Manual – 18″ Hoosier drag radial – “robe38”
  • 2015 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 (gray) – Manual – 19″ Nitto NT05R drag radial – “lethal z06”



Those who were willing to roast the hides on the expensive rear tires, found the best results.  Each of the cars had spinning 60′ times, and could usually recover by 2nd gear and go full throttle.  All manual launches were best achieved by slipping out the clutch, and holding rpm steady.  Without the burnout, it was nearly impossible to floor the throttle, even in 3rd gear.  By the end of the day, there was a lot of burnt rubber turned into smoke.  We dig that fact.  Besides, it makes for some nice photos by Malcolm Perez, who did a spectacular job of capturing this event.


Here are the results from our day at the drag strip.

Quickest ET List (street tires)

  1. 11.65 @ 131.04 mph (2.16 60′) – Viper TA “Nine Ball”
  2. 11.68 @ 131.27 mph (2.18 60′) – Viper TA “Sassy”
  3. 11.76 @ 127.91 mph (2.18 60′) – C6 ZR1 “Mark B”
  4. 11.77 @ 127.05 mph (2.06 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38”
  5. 11.87 @ 127.95 mph (2.38 60′) – C7 Z06 “cdubb”
  6. 12.04 @ 134.65 mph (2.37 60′) – Viper SRT “Shooter”
  7. 12.11 @ 126.30 mph (2.17 60′) – Challenger Hellcat “Jerrod T”
  8. DNF – Traction Issues – C7Z06 “zhopper05”

Fastest Trap Speed List (street tires)

  1. 134.65 (12.04 ET 2.37 60′) – Viper SRT “Shooter” – Also ran 132.24 – Gen 5 Viper record!
  2. 131.27 (11.68 ET 2.18 60′) – Viper TA “Sassy” – Also ran 129.91
  3. 131.04 (11.65 ET 2.16 60′) – Viper TA “Nine Ball” – Also ran 129.98
  4. 129.20 (12.04 ET 2.59 60′) – C7 Z06 “cdubb” – Also ran 127.95
  5. 127.91 (11.76 ET, 2.18 60′) – C6 ZR1 “Mark B” – Also ran 127.80
  6. 127.05 (11.77 ET, 2.06 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38” – Also ran 126.37
  7. 126.90 (12.39 ET, 2.40 60′) – Challenger Hellcat “Jerrod T” – Also ran 126.69

Quickest ET and Fastest Speed List (on drag radials)

  1. 10.93 @ 128.94 (1.77 60′) – C7 Z06 “robe38” – 1st privately owned 10-second C7 Z06!
  2. 11.16 @ 128.31 (1.93 60′) – C7 Z06 “lethal z06”


Congrats to those who broke some records!  We truly live in the golden age of performance vehicles.  America builds some fantastic hotrods, and we are fortunate enough to know some die-hard gear bangers that are willing to put them to the test.  No doubt that some naysayers will try to dispute the results, or read between the lines.  But to them, we say “same track, same day”, and feel that all of our drivers will agree with what their eyes saw this day.  Special thanks to Hennessey Performance ( ) for allowing us to use their track facility, to do these tests.  We plan on doing more visits, to test out other cars.


Here is some video footage, more videos to come.