As you are scrolling through your social media feed, it is common to come across some luxury item being advertised or shared. Should you bother to click on the comments to see what is being said by the masses, no doubt the majority of the comments share a certain theme.

“I can’t afford that.”
“Must be nice to own that.”
“That is too expensive.”
“I wish I could have that.”

All of these responses are the norm, and always have been. They simply prove how the majority of people give up too easily, instead of trying to figure out how to afford something.  Most people tend to throw out that common excuse of “I can’t afford it.”  The truth is that they actually won’t afford it.  They won’t do what it takes to afford it.  Instead of blaming themselves for their lack of action, they simply blame their current situation – as if it didn’t exist because of them.  I have no doubt that if you found this website, and are reading this article, that your mind prefers to think of how to achieve your goals.  Average people just dismiss their own potential, and flip the switch off within their brain.  This means their brain no longer tries to reverse-engineer the path to that goal of ownership.

Instead of taking that opportunity to present a negative thought, such as those responses aforementioned, take a moment to imagine yourself with that item.  Visualization is a powerful, and positive thing.  This will trigger your mind to do what it does best – solve problems.  If you set goals within your mind, your mind will begin to work in the background to reach that goal.  Your mind will push you to make decisions, and take actions that move you towards your goal.  Your mind will alert you about opportunities, knowing there is a goal that has been identified. Had you turned that switch off, your mind wouldn’t be paying attention when an opportunity presented itself.  You wouldn’t see it, even in front of your own face.  Here are some more positive ways to respond, when seeing things you desire and are willing to work for:

“I can’t afford that today, but I will figure out how to afford it.
“Must be nice to own that. I will let you know when I do own it.
“That is too expensive. But I will be proud when I can buy it without hesitation or regret.
“I wish I could have that. Now what am I going to do, to actually achieve having it?

Set some achievable, measurable goals within your life.  It is important that they are measurable, concrete goals – so that you will know when you have achieved them.  Don’t just say “I want to be rich”, as that is a broad and vague goal that has no measurable value.  Instead, a well-defined goal would be “I want to earn $100,000 per year”, or “I would like to earn $1M in the next 5 years”.  Having those defined goals allows your mind to focus on the prize, and gives you a target to aim for.  When you achieve your goals, create new ones.  Extend them out a little further, make them more challenging each time.  Keep on doing whatever it takes to reach them!