Last week, a local friend and I met up and ran the two cars that the entire auto enthusiast world has anticipated seeing run. The newly available 2015 Corvette Z06 vs the Viper TA. Both cars are incredible machines in their own right, extremely capable on the highways and on the roadcourse. No two American sportscars have received more fanfare and praise from the media. As the Z06’s first appeared in public driveways this past Wednesday, we now had the perfect opportunity to line them up for some spirited testing. Both cars are 100% stock. The Viper has 1,700 miles on it, and the Z06 has 700 miles on it. Both manual transmissions. It was 57F today, and the pavement was dry. My Viper IAT temps never went over 79F. We ran a series of runs, from different starting and finishing mph, as we wanted a full suite of testing to be shown.

At the end of the day, there were 7 clean passes made, where we started nearly even, and neither of us missed a gear. The Viper won every race, no matter what the starting speed was. The cars were typically dead even through 3rd gear, but once the Viper reached 4th gear, it would begin to pull away from the Z06. Once in 5th, there was no catching the snake. Going into this match, neither of us knew what to expect. I actually figured the Z06 would edge me out, based on his dynos of 579 rwhp SAE, which is higher than what Vipers put down.

Enjoy the video. Both cars speak for themselves, as you’ll see.